Monday, February 08, 2010

Friday 5 February - Monday 8 February 2010: Lots of photos on Face The Day - of Heidi, Sarah and special guests!

Heidi says: I am a fat-footed twat!!! (sorry I had to put this first, with this "#├ęking computer I don't know how to drag pictures)

Sarah says:
Above you can see Heidi and me today - Monday the 8th of February in our matching aprons. I wear mine to cook and Heidi wears hers to cut hair. Today she came over to cut Ayla's hair! You can see the results by scrolling down...

Above and below are also photos from today - of a very pregnant Heidi! She's due in a week!

Heidi says: You know, when I see these pictures of myself so pregnant, i think I look quite alright. I look different than when I was pregnant with Yma. Less huge, I'd say. Which is weird, considering that I weigh at least 3 kilos more now than at the end of my first pregnancy. Or maybe I just care less.

Check out Ayla today - just after Heidi cut her hair! Man she's growing up!

Above you can see me and Heidi yesterday - Sunday the 7th - at the Vetex School official opening. It was a nice event!

That's Yma above yesterday taking part in the festivities with a green face! Very colorful!

That's Heidi above yesterday with pregnant belly sticking out from under her coat! (Heidi says: with fat bloated face. Those eyes mean that it won't be long anymore :) )
That's me above on Saturday the 6th or more like early the 7th after a fun night with lots of good friends and food and games...

There's Dirk, Filip and Tom above - three old friends - all with beards now.. Maybe it's because they are all going to be 40 years old soon! :-)

And that's Ayla and me on Friday night - 5th of February, ending our week together in a good mood. Look how much we are starting to look alike. You have to admit you see it! :-)

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