Friday, January 01, 2010

Thursday 31 December 2009 and the first moments of Friday 01 January 2010!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Heidi says: us!
Sarah says: Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2010 is a goody for you all! The above photo was taken just after 2010 started early, early this morning! The Lool and I outside watching the fireworks, which were going off in every direction! We had some good girlfriends and their kids over and had nice New Year's Eve. I hope 2010 will truly be a goody! I guess I hope that every year about every new year! More joy than pain tends to be my yearly motto. For me and for everyone! We can only all hope for more moments of happiness than moments of despair! 2009 was an okay one with many good things for me and for mine but also with some serious challenges. I hope 2010 takes me somewhere further. No idea where or what - just throws some interesting stuff my way! And in the direction of all those I love and well, everyone!

Above you can see Ayla and me just before 2009 turned into 2010!

And above is a photo of us from the same exact time one year ago as 2008 was about to become 2009. That kid of mine makes my year worthwhile every time! She is a GOODY! Via this link you can journey back to a year ago exactly...
Above you can see my 2010 New Year's Resolution! "More Joie de Vivre - Less Weltschmerz!"

And last but not least to say goodbye to 2009 and to welcome 2010 - some lovely fireworks!

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Valerie vanuit haar hart. said...

A very nice new years resolution!
Happy newyear!

Valerie xxx