Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wednesday 31 December 2008: Happy New Year from Heidi and Sarah ata Face the Day! May your 2009 be a goody!

Sarah says:
I like the above photo of me in the carwash. New year, clean car! That's what I'm sayin'! I love car washes. They remind me of the Lorax Trees. Beautiful...

Sarah says:
It' the 31st in the photo above as you can see! Counting down to the New Year! We did our traditional take-in Chinese, had my husband's friend Marv over, watched a really bad movie, saw the midnight fireworks from our window and had a casual and very relaxed evening. Perfect really. Whenever I go out on New Year's Eve I tend not to really enjoy myself. I always have too many thoughts in my head and it's hard to let go and loosen up. I end up thinking about the year that's passed and the year ahead. I guess I do that when at home too but I enjoy it more because it's in my own home. I prefer to be stuck in my own head in my own home... This year, like last year, I had a lot of sad thoughts in my head. I am back to feeling dark. I fight and fight the feeling but it's just there and I can't do much about it. Of course waves of joy rush in and that keeps life going...

There above is one HUGE wave of joy!!! As if you didn't know that! She's giving me a New Year's kiss and a thumbs up for 2009 - positivity! I like that. I'l try to go with that flow.Yet another HUGE wave of joy - rush of joy. My little family is THE WORLD for me. They were in 2008 and I think they will be in 2009. The crappy thing about life is that who can say. You never know what ill twist of fate might get in the way of whatever feels good or is going well. There's cancer, divorce, death, cheating, lying, depression, loss of work, recession.... And these things can just creep up and ruin your day and life. Until life picks up and finds a new way. I am finding it REALLY hard not to end 2008 in a cynical way and not to start 2009 with good thoughts. I have to keep those great, essential joyous moments in my head and live in the now! If only we all knew how to do that. I guess I'll try to live in the now more and more in 2009!

Fireworks! May 2009 be filled with fireworks - the good, pretty, spectacular kind!

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