Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 30 December 2008: Sarah is no longer happy at all. Not one bit. Totally sad actually! Life sucks!

Sarah says:
Bad, bad news today about friends very dear. My heart is broken and this isn't even at all about my heart. More than anything, this makes me feel lonely. The heart is a lonely hunter indeed - as Carson McCullers wrote... All I know at this point is that what seems hard and sad now will eventually turn into easier and happier. There's a lot of mud and bad stuff to dredge through. Things might get worse before they get better. But they always do get better. And then they get worse again. And then better. I only hope the best for my friends and loved ones and it's really painful to see people hurting. You can only hope for and wait for the better times to come and to go through the bad times while they are here... :-(

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl: Larry, we need to talk.

Larry: Divorce? Is it over?