Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday 3 December 2009: Just another day

Heidi says: I am having Braxton-Hixton-contractions (or whatever the name is) again and tonight I am going to the doctor to let them being checked. I hope so much I do not have to have bed rest. And I certainly do not want to go to hospital in this time of year. There will be Sinterklaas to celebrate with Yma and then I need to put the christmastree up so no time to be in a hospital bed. Of course, I also don't want to give birth too early so I'll listen to what the doctor has to say to me. Fingers crossed. (I am not feeling as sad as I look on the picture :-))

Sarah says: I have a pink office now. Nice! I sit next to a window. Nice! It's almost weekend and it should be a calm one! Nice! It always rains all night and I think - oh no - it will be a hellish bike ride in the morning but then by the time the day starts the rain stops. Nice!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Heidi. I hope that everything turns out okay and you don't need bed rest. x