Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 20 November 2009: Heidi suffers from pregnancy dementia and Sarah suffers from being out of condition...

Heidi says: really, I do, even worse now than when I was pregnant with Yma. I forget, I cannot think, I am dumb, I cannot concentrate, I am sleepy... Let's hope it doesn't stay like that. :-)

Sarah says: Above and below pics are of me just after I did 22 minutes on the cross-trainer. Man it is hard. Doesn't really get easier! I will try to do at least 20 minutes five days a week. I see the impact already. That and bike-riding are making my body make the click. I feel it and I see it and I am happy for the progress because I am working hard at it and trying to really eat well. Not feeling as guilty when I cheat a little with a piece of chocolate or extra piece of bread. I guess that is the reward of exercise! I'm all for that! Can't wait till the sales in January because I'll have a great excuse to buy some new clothes - pants anyway! Mine are all staring to fall off a bit, which makes me happy! But my already calf muscles are getting even bigger from biking and that's not a good thing! Oh well - I'm just curios about my weight. I go for a weigh-in after three weeks of not being weighed next Tuesday night. Fingers crossed!

Nothing big planned for the weekend just got to clean up the mess of the house! The bottom photo is a combo of my tow latest obsessions - my shrinking silhouette and our new windows... :-)


Anonymous said...

And ignorance is bliss Heidi or so they say...

Miss you girls. Even though I never saw you anyway, you seem further away now.

Be happy.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

ASG - it's that dang time difference!!!! It makes all the difference. But I still think about your every single day so that's a good thing!