Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday 08 October 2009: The days pass and Sarah misses Heidi and misses Heidi on Face The Day!

Sarah says:
Face the Day just isn't as fun or meaningful for me without Heidi on here more! I am getting bored by it! I still like the idea of a photo everyday though I am finding it harder and harder to keep up as I don't always have my camera on me like I used to. Anyway - I guess it will just stop when it stops. I still feel like checking in every now and then and I am enjoying tracking my weight loss in photos like the one below. I feel healthy and I think it's just because I am exercising now where as in the past I really didn't for fear of hurting my back. My back is holding up and that makes me feel good. I honestly didn't think it would. Granted - it aches a bit every day still and I know I have to really watch what I do and how I move and sit and walk and bike - but so far so good! I hope I can keep this all up! The combo of my diet, exercise and my writing course is generally giving me a really good feeling. I just feel like I am taking care of my body and brain more! I do miss my husband a bit because he is so busy with his new position, which is normal - but it makes me go more into my own world. I like my own world and that can also be the danger! In November we'll have some days off together and also for two weeks at the end of the year. That will be great and very needed by then! Next week I am off to Norway for work! I can't wait! I have always dreamed of going there and the work stuff looks like it will be pretty cool too.

By the way - I noticed tonight that my kid's nose grew a little. It's very odd to see that happening! She is so not done growing. She'll go through big changes. She'll become a teenager. Her whole body will change. Sometimes I wish she could be 10 forever. It's a great age. I hope she stays this lovely person.

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