Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday 01 October 2009: Sarah is having a hard week in terms of following DIET! and excercise!

Heidi says: new copper hair!
Sarah says:
I'm afraid to get on the scale Monday at the obesity center. It's too short a time since my last very successful visit there and I just feel like I haven't been able to follow all the rules this week - like I have had too little water and today I was at a conference all day so I ate some bad-for-me stuff. Also - I didn't bike as much as I have been. And there's some hormonal stuff going on. So in those respects, it's been a challenging week! I have less energy too and more back ache from sitting too much. I have less time to do my creative writing course too this week as well as last - and no time to read or to write in my journal for my class. There's just some negative stuff in the air. It's not been the greatest week.... Oh well - that's life I guess!

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Anonymous said...

"Dite"? Hou con yoo nut evin proufreed yoor hedings?