Monday, October 05, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 02, 03, 04 and 05 October 2009: Sarah forgot Flashback 1st of the month! Face the Day is fading away...

Heidi says (3 Oct): and that is only the start...

Heidi says (4 Oct): Horses!

Above photo is from today - Monday the 5th of October. I have the day off with my daughter and we will do the dreaded chore of sorting through her winter and summer clothes and getting rid of everything that no longer fits. It's a hell of a job but it must be done! It's cold today! Rainy! I am glad I can lock myself up in my house. Tonight I have to go to the obesity center. I am scared! It's been a bad, bad week. I don't want to get discouraged.
I think the above photo is from Sunday the 4th of October. I was happy about something. Can't recall what!
I like the above photo! It's from Sunday the 4th - that I am sure so the one above it must actually be from Saturday the 3rd. Don't I look like that strange apple? I couldn't bring myself to it him! One day it will have to happen but not yet. It's too human looking!
And the one above is from Friday the 2nd. I don't know why I wasn't smiling. I had been looking forward to the weekend. There was a lot of negative energy in the air in the week and through the weekend too. Nothing felt right! I hope this week will be better!

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