Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday and Tuesday 12 and 13 October 2009: Sarah is happy to be in Stavanger, Norway!!

That's me today above and below with a fish in my hotel room. I had some time to kill after the conference and before dinner so I spent it with my fishy friend. Stavanger, Norway is a really pretty city. I am happy to be here! The weather is grand with blue skies and sun shining - perfectly brisk. We're really lucky because usually it rains here a lot! The conference is interesting too - making some good connections - learning.

When in Norway you have to look for signs of vikings of course!

Pretty lakes all around here!
Large boats all over the harbor here!
I don't have time to post more photos right now but I wonder if this link might lead you to a photo album I placed on Facebook. Not sure how that works if we aren't Facebook friends so here goes and we'll see!
One last thing - I am trying so hard to stick to my diet over here but it's truly difficult! Last night Thai food, tonight Mexican! I eat lightly all day but still. We eat late. Ughhh! I have to go to the obesity center on Monday again to get weighed - I do not look forward to that at all this time! It's too ard to be good all the time and everywhere! When I have control of my own food at home, it's much easier of course. Oh well - we'll see how it goes. I am curious!

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