Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday 23 September 2009: Busier day for Heidi and Sarah is not doing a very good job of keeping up with Face The Day!

Sarah says:
I'm not sure if the above photo is from Tuesday or Wednesday but it is either/or - the 22nd or the 23rd of September. I suck at keeping up! Who would have thought that would happen! I'm doing my best! I just keep forgetting to take pictures. Anyway - things are okay! Nothing new to report!

Heidi says: This is good! I have a busier day today. I did some studying on the internet, baked pancakes for Yma's birthday tomorrow (she will bring those to school) and I will apply for a job this afternoon. It is just a two week job but it is something! It will change my routine for at least two weeks and that is good! I just hope that I get through the typing test I have this afternoon (I am not a blind typist...). But I am sure I am capable of doing this simple administrative input job. Fingers crossed!

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