Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 19 August 2009: Heidi cuts Sarah's hair!

Heidi stopped by and cut and thinned my hair today! It was needed. I had a mop of heavy hair to reckon with. Did you know Heidi completed her first year of hairdressing studies and has two more years to go? It's great having a friend come over to your house to cut your hair. She also cuts my kid's hair. We are Heidi's guinea pigs. I am going for the "rocker chic" style - a least that is what it is called in the photo I showed Heidi. Good work Heidi!

My friend Valerie also came over for a couple of ours today - so for me it has been a very eventful day! We went for a walk to the center of Kortrijk and had a drink on a terrace and I am happy to report that my back feels quite okay. I am icing it as I write anyway -just to be safe because there is a minor ache - but all seems well today so that is encouraging! It's good to have visitors and to take walks! Good for my mind and body!

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