Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27 August 2009: Another day passes as Sarah rests her back, tries to lose weight and dilly-dallies around before real life starts again...

Hieidi came by to cut Ayla's hair in the afternoon so we were able to get the above photo! Ayla loved her hair, by the way! Heidi does a great job! She's got talent! Monday will be the last time for a while that I can go to the Monday market with Heidi and then get soup for lunch. I'll miss that! It's soon back to real life for me! Not that this hasn't been real life - it just has been a different sort of life. It's been good! I trust the future will be good too! :-)
Another day... Not much to say about it. Pretty much the same as yesterday but hungrier! I contacted a center today at the hospital that exists to help people lose weight. I am waiting to hear back and to make an appointment. I am trying on my own and it is way too hard without exercise! I am hardly eating and only eating good stuff. At first I lost some weight pretty fast, which is what tends to happen. Then it slowed down and now it's just not doing anything! I am trying to be really healthy about it all. That's why I am seeking help with it. I just hope they don't suggest liquid diets and all that. I still want to be able to enjoy food! I will try to be open-minded and I will keep my fingers crossed that finally I will lose weight, which will help my back I hope! If it does, that will make the journey of it all healthy! We'll see!
I think the above photo shows the exact same initial weight loss as a photo like this a couple of weeks ago. Started well but now just stuck at same level. Story of my life of weight loss. One day I hope it all clicks!

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hey Sra
Didn't we take a picture yesterday?Or are they so ugly? :-)