Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009: Sarah celebrates the last days of summer with a BBQ and lots of good food before the real diet starts!

Good food today at BBQ at my in-laws house. Yum! Monday I go to diet center so today's meal might have been my last caloric one and I enjoyed every bit of it. One must enjoy at least one BBQ in the summer and the summer is almost done so!

Can't remember if I already posted about my visit to the doctor. Anyway - he said to be careful basically. He said dieting / losing weight won't help my back problem but will help my knees later on when my back problems come back as the knees kind of take over when the back pain kicks in. Less weight is better for the knees so less weight I must have! I'll do my best. Anything to postpone further back operations! He said I can walk a lot and swim and bike ride but the minute I have lower back pain I should lie down a bit and rest and de-swell the painful spot with heat and anti-inflammatories. As fr as sitting at a computer all day for work, I just have to make sure to take breaks and walk around during them and stretch.

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