Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday 19 April 2009: Sarah cleans face and cleans mind and starts a new book and thinks about turning 38 soon...

Sarah says:
Sunday is a perfect day for a mask and boy did I need one. My stress or hormones or whatevere has sure made its way to my face! I need some sun and some sleep I think! Sunday was a nice day because the sun was shining, we ate nice food and we visited friends and then went to Peter's grave. The last time we were there was the day of Peter's funeral. It was good to be there again and have some quiet time to refelct and to think about Peter. I treid to sing him some old Greyn songs that we made together but my mind was so blank and I couldn't even remember the songs and tunes and lyrics anymore! It was strange. I hope I continue to remember Peter. Even his grave didn't really feel anything like any part of him. It's only what we keep in our heads I guess - the memories, photos, video...
Anyway - when we got home we were lazy and I took a little care of my skin and we watched Battlestar Galactica. The weekend was calm and okay. Nothing major. All okay.
And I started the above book, which is really meant for my dad but as I was about to send it to him I started reading it and now I'll try to finish it in the next two days or so so I can send it out to him. It's called Last Post and is by Max Arthur. It consists of interviews with the last living UK World War I war veterans. I think out of the 16 or so interviewed, only 3 or 4 are still alive, if even. Above is my Post Secret pick of the week though there really weren't any that caught my eye. I chose this one because my 38th birthday is coming up. I don't care about this or that age but I am feeling kind of lost these days with no idea what to do next and when you feel that way when a birthday is coming you can think too much about it and feel even more lost. I hope I have some ideas by the time my birthday comes!

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