Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday 25 March 2009: Heidi and Sarah are up and down and manic and depressed and all over the place with their emotions and anything but stable!!!

Sarah says:
There we are above - manic and feeling slightly crazy!
And there we are above feeling down and depressed and in the dumps.
Shadowpuppets? Secret code? How ever we look and how ever you look at it, suffice it to say that Heidi and I are having some crazy and very unstable days these days... Not all bad but not all good. No idea at all if the glass is half full or half empty. Feeling both comatose and/or crazy depending on the moment...
By the way - the most important thing to note in today's post is the length of my fingernails! Aren't you proud of me? Even under tons of stress I have not given in to biting again! Go me!
Next life task as I can hardly write what's really going on in my mind on here so need to keep it shallow at least to keep it up -- to finally get rid of those yellow snaggle teeth of mine somehow!

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Heidi and Sarah,

I shall not speak my mind here but to say, I hope all is going okay with the two of you -- and you know what I refer to. Sarah, what a terrific week we all had together in Gainesville and Daytona. I cannot tell you how much this mother of yours loves you, my son-in-law and my most wonderful granddaughter, Ayla. We all had a super-time in that one short week. Never forget -- how could anyone? that aunt of mine, great aunt of yours, and great-great aunt of Ayla's who, at 90, dared to skydive. If that isn't an example of living life to the lees, I don't know what is. We are lucky to have such a mentor!

Much love to you and yours. A special hug to Yma.