Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday 09 January, Saturday 10 January and Sunday 11 january 2009: sunny Friday, sleepy Saturday, icy Sunday

Heidi says:
What a beautiful icy day! What a joy!
Sarah says:
Above is my Sunday 11 January photo. It was a good Sunday! Got a lot done at home and that made me and Marv feel happy. It seemed like there was more light than usual these days, which made the day seem longer. More time to do stuff. I enjoyed that. I didn't leave the ouse at all. Slept a bit late, had a long breakfast with the family, stayed in comfy clothes, skipped make-up, organized, did the wash, made food. All good and relaxing stuff that got me more ready for Monday than usual!
There above is my Saturday 10 January 2009 photo. A sleepier day to begin. I got a bit spoiled though with a waxing and pedicure and brow job. Then we went to the shoe shop Devolder that we go to whenever there are sales. I didn't buy any shoes but Marv and my kid did so that was good. And then we went to Roeselare for clothes shopping. I found a greenish sweater and shirt and a white shirt. That's right - white! So far, I have only bought one black thing. The rest -- all very colorful. I am seriously trying to put some color in my life!
And there above is our Friday 09 January 2009 shot. It was so sunny and cold. The sun felt great on our faces. We soaked it up! I am loving the wintery weather. I'll miss it when it is gone. I hope that I'm once in New York with my daughter whne it snows like crazy! There's nothing like that.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't make one of your classic typos on brow job. I bet Tom would have liked that!