Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 12 January 2009: Sarah has that Monday evening tired feeling after rushing from work to go food shopping to cook to clean to do the laundry ...

Sarah says:
Sometimes I get annoyed at my husband because he gets home from work so late these days. He can't help it. That's his job. I can't complain at all - at least I shouldn't. We bought our ticket. We knew what we were getting in to! It's just those days when I rush from work to pick up my daughter in the nick of time and then have to go food shopping - big food shopping -- totally empty fridge shopping! And then cooking. Keeping my kid up late because we still have to eat and she deserves a little down time but she's running around trying to help me saying she doesn't want me to have to do everything. And then cleaning up because the kitchen is a mess. Then doing the wash and the laundry and spending time showing my daughter how to clean her face properly as I promised I would but not getting to read to her because there's no time and not getting to finish watching Karate Kid 2 with her as I promised - because there's no more time. And then it's 9pm - she's in bed way too late and I start doing the laundry because we have night discount so we have to start at 9pm. And then finally having a moment on the computer - which is the last place I should be as I have been on it for work all day but need some time at night to do some private emailing, etcetera - and updating this blog and all that. And now I am pooped and want to sleep but Marv just got home and we want to hang out a little... So it will be late to bed. Early to rise. Are we healthy, wealthy and wise for this?

Anyway - my whole point here is not that I find this rough. I do sometimes indeed like today mostly only because I had to break promises to my kid and I hate doing that and I hate seeing her rush around with me when she's stuck at school till 6pm every day and she has the right to shut down after her long kid days but she ends up getting swept up in my end of the day...

And all I wanted to say here is that where as I sometimes feel annoyed with my husband because he's no longer here in the evenings with us. Tonight I felt sorry for him because even though I am running around doing all these things - at least I am at home with my daughter enjoying moments with her in between the rush of life. My husband on the other hand isn't. He's in a car or in traffic or stuck at work. He gets up at the same time as I do yet his day at work ends at like 9pm. And it must be really hard for him to miss out on family life at night. So I shouldn't complain - though sometimes I still will and still have the right to. My perspective today is that I felt a little bad for my husband and felt happy to make him a steak in the midst of all the busy stuff!

In summary because the above is the mess - right now I feel like I am the lucky one and my husband has it the hardest and I should stop complaining. At least tonight.
And last but not least - my Post Secret pick of the week, which I dedicate to my husband and all wives and husbands and all couples and everyone who is on different wavelengths in the bedroom or wherever you do it! :-)

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