Saturday, January 03, 2009

Friday 02 January 2009: Sarah stays up till past 2 am playing games with her husband's good, old friends and enjoys an evening of good food and people

Sarah says:

I'm cheating! I forgot to take a photo until just before bed, which was already after midnight so the next day. Oh well! It was a nice evening of really good food from a new cook book my mom brought. A great chicken recipe with spinach soufle, mustard, swiss cheese and sour cream - the soufle, cheese and msutard go under chicken breast and the sour cream on top - and in the oven. Yummy stron flavor! We also made a portabello mushroom, green asparagus, red pepper, onion noodle dish with parmesan cheese on top. Also really good! My husband's old friends Dirk and Filip W. were there. I met those two guys the night my husband and I became a couple. I have known them since I have known Tom. They are very dear to us. There's nothing like old friends. Roots! My mom was here as well and our friend Tilly. It was a nice evening and a bit of a joyous escape from some of the dark that has set in...

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