Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday 06 November 2008: Heidi has a day to herself and pics tomorrow no doubt and Sarah stops and thinks for a while and hopes for good news

Sarah says:
Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Rabbit foot. Lighte a candle. Say a prayer. I'm neither religous nor superstitious so all I have is hope I guess. I hope good news comes tomorrow regarding my dad's operation. I really think he'll be fine. I'm hoping and hoping and hoping some more.
Heidi says:
Ready for a good night of sleep! I had a very nice day today. It started with me being very stressed out for... nothing. Being at home with Nico but without Yma shook my world upside down and I didn't know what to do with myself. I am getting used to the fact that I am always doing several things at the same time, and even though that totally stresses me out, it has become normal to me. This morning, after bringing Yma away, I had to learn to be at ease about doing nothing. It worked, after a couple of hours. :) The sauna and the pampering really helped! The being alone with Nico for a whole day too. It filled me with love for him. It made me happy.
In the evening we went to the exhibtion of Alex Vanhee in de Schouwburg in Kortrijk with Yma, and so finished the day in beauty. A good day.

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