Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday 07 November 2008: ASG is visiting all weekend and she's just what Sarah needs right now!

Sarah says:
So - my dad is out of the operation. He's doing okay - so-far-so-good. We'll see what the week brings. He's already making jokes and being feisty. It sucks he's going through this. Must be tough on his body to say the least and tough on his mind. It's tough to be here getting news. I am glad I'm going there a week from tomorrow. I'm also very glad he is out of the operation and alert and being himself.
I'm happy Aimee is here right now! She's the big smile I need right now. We'll have a girls' weekend! A little escape...

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Anonymous said...

While ASG is there, have her tell me all about her time in Cali.