Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday 15 November 2008: A nice but also scary Saturday for Heidi

Heidi says: A fine and cosy Saturday... Or maybe not completely... This evening I was holding Yma's hand while standing in front of a shop and she let herself fall down and tried to pull her hand out of mine. She started to cry. We thought she was angry and so let her cry. But after a while, we started to think something was wrong. I asked her if she was in pain and she pointed at her left wrist. Once we were home, we took off her clothes to see what was wrong and called a doctor to ask what we had to do. He advised us to go to the hospital, in case a picture had to be taken. Once arrived, the doctor touched her arm and knew what it was immediately: one of the bones in her elbow was out of its place... The doctor put it back in place and said: now wait for 5 minutes and when she starts to use her arm again, you'll see that all is ok again. After five minutes Yma started to build towers with building-blocks, with her two hands. We went home with a fully recovered Yma. At the table, she looked in my face and said: mummy, I am in pain and she showed her right arm. The little devil...

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