Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 14 November 2008: Sarah gotta run and Heidi takes her time to show her Lindsay Weir with a Marilyn Monroe...

Sarah says:
More fast photos! That's my ugly ne haircut! I'm off to New York first thing tomorrow! If my plane crashes those of you I love know how much I love you! Bye!!!!! No idea when I'll be on here again! Depends on computer situation at my dad's among other more important things!
Heidi will hold down the fort as usual!

Heidi says: Lindsay Weir got a Marilyn Monroe hairdo and it becomes her! The teacher gave me an 8,5 for it! I am proud!!!! We think the high marks have something to do with the fact that I was wearing fake tanning on my face, Chanel brownish lipgloss and my leopard fake fur jacket... in other words: I looked like a hairdresser and that made the teacher give me higher marks. Oh well, if that is the game ;-)... I do want to add that I do my best and I really want to succeed because hair really interests me. I will work hard and I will deserve good marks! neh!

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