Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 28 November 2008: Sarah is not keeping up with anything let alone Face The Day and forgot photo yesterday but WE HAVE ONE TODAY!!!!

Sarah says:
I'm too busy when all I want to do is crash. I still haven't dealt with my jet-lag! I'm just pretending it doesn't exist and that I don't need sleep. But my body is saying no way Jose! I now have a head ache and sore throat and my eyes are blurry and my ear is clicking all the time. When oh when can I just sleep! Not this weekend! Too busy! One of these days..

Sorry I haven't been keeping Face The Day up to date with my usual efficiency! I even forgot a Post Secret one week! And a photo yesterday! I must really be falling apart! If those aren't signs, I don't know what are!!! :-)

So here is my favorite Post Secret this week. It speaks for itself!

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