Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 11 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are a bit tired today but feeling A-Okay and are ready ready ready to take on the world!!!

Sarah says:
Sorry for all the skin in this photo! Can you see how tired we look? We need to WAKE UP!!! It's early yet. We'll be bright and chipper soon enough after like 35 coffees and a few slaps in the face and 6 cartwheels, 4 somersaults, 7 back-flips and 13 whipper-willies. Oh yeah - and maybe one triple-hand-split-over flip-hand-spring. Care to join us?

Heidi says:
Oh my my oh oh my oh my oh oh oh oh oh my my my my oooooh, do I look tired??? Need to wake up! Smash me in the mulle! I think I have the mulleploage again, by the way! humf...

and later this day... MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!

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