Sunday, June 01, 2008

Saturday 31 May 2007: Sarah is happy to welcome old Europe In The World buddies Markus and Ivar AND HEIDI BUILDS UP AND PARTIES!!!!!!!!

Heidi says: Our party... I can't believe how many people came and how much beer was sold!!! It was great! (except for some music that wasn't really my taste, but there were really good parts too, so we won't complain about that!) THANK YOU FOR COMING AND DANCING!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Sarah says:
You know how good it feels when a friend flies in just to see you! Well I'll tell you, IT FEELS GREAT!!! My old friend Markus, from my old international journalism program Europe inthe World that took place in The Netherlands and in Denmark in 1993/94, flew in from Germany for a visit because we hadn't seen each other for like 4 years and it was really time! On tope of that, Ivar, a Dutch guy from our program, met up with us for the day in Brussels! It was SOOOOO fun and such a joy to spend some time with these lovely guys again! We wandered around Brussels and ate and drank together. A perfect Saturday afternoon catching up and laughing at the same old stories and jokes we have been laughing at together and re-hashing every time we meet. We parted ways with Ivar loate in the afternoon and Markus and I headed back to Kortrijk. And after dinner, OF COURSE we went to Heidi's party! It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and to see Heidi dancing her heart out and enjoying herself. Markus and I got tired around midnight though and headed home. I heard from my husband that the party got more and more crowded and that the music got better and better once Nico started DJing. So from what I heard, Heidi's party (with the other people from her street turning 30) was a great success! I'm pretty sure Heidi had a great time! I'm also sure she'll tell you about it all herself!

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