Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday 14 June 2008 : The Guinea Pig had 4 babies and man has she been busy breastfeeding all of them ever since!!!

Even Kortrijk is celebrating the birth of my daughter's 4 guinea pig babies by splurting pink liquid out of the fountain! It could almost represent the birth itself! 4 BABIES!!!
We arrived home from work on Friday the 13th to find these little creatures just born. One looks like a bunny and one looks like a panda bear. They are much smaller than the first baby - probably because there are 4 of them! That explains why their mom was so fat! They are cute but w won't be keeping them! This is the last of guinea pig babies for us we hope! The poor dad-brother has to be in another age again because even though he is castrated now he was still madly trying to hump the mom who is busy enough as you can see below trying to feed her 4 new kids!

They sure are cute! They can stay for 6 weeks and that's it! Anyone want one? They are up for grabs! Their names are Cato, Coco-Rosie, Cleo and Cookie! They are also known as The Keeks along with their parent-siblings!

Later I'll post a movie of the little rodents so you can see them in full swing bothering their mom all the time. She's a great mom for being only 9 months old!!! Guinea Pigs are Freaks!!!

Here's the movie of the new guinea babies and their hard-working mom! It starts slow with milk-giving but picks up a little when you can see the little bunnies running around and the mom pig trying to guide them.


Anonymous said...


look what I found when I googled you (how I normally get here)

It's weird, eh?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

That is weird indeed! I have seen that before and it was weird then and stays weird now! The web is a very odd place!


Anonymous said...

The father has to be in a different age? Isn't that a bit severe? Is his name H.G. Wells?