Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday 20 May 2008: Animals are just people Heidi says and Sarah says people are just animals...

Heidi says:
More and more, I see people as animals. Just think about this. When I see a person go into a store, I think about a spider and its webb. The person opens the door, the bell rings, the lady from the shop comes. The fly flies into the webb, the webb moves, the spider comes. Or this one: I see a woman and her three kids biking together. Then I think of mother duck and her little ducks swimming together. When I come out of my house, to shop or to go anywhere, and I return after half an hour: makes me think of a bee coming out of the nest, to return a couple of minutes later. My daughter, playing around, throwing things on the ground, while she is looking right into my eyes to see my reaction. What animal do you think of? Exactly, a playful monkey. And so we can go on and on… Do you know any?

Sarah says:
Growl! Roar! Woof! Meow! That's all I have to say because I feel like an animal! In other news, I got my lenses in the mail! I decided to try mail order lenses because they looked the same but cheaper and they are great! Same brand and everything! Delivered to my door!

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