Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday 19 May 2008: Sarah is trying to figure out HER 9 Year Old! Sometimes, it's not easy!!!!

Sarah says:
Strange age my daughter's at. Such erratic behavior. It's time for me to see what the experts say. 9 seems to be such a mix between independent and anxious. From minute to minute, moods change. I can't always get my head around it. I don't always know how to react and what best to say. My friend Cheryl gave me a bunch of these books a long time ago and each year they are very helpful and help to answer some of my questions and to take away some of my worries. Parenting is hard. In one way, we are expected to solve all the problems and be able to answer all the questions and have all the wisdom, but half the time it just feels like a guessing game. Seeing your kid struggling or in pain or emotionally hurt is really hard. I'm going to read this book from front to back right now.... I hope it makes me sleep better...

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