Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday 08 May 2008: Heidi and Sarah are happy to have the originator of Face The Day as a special Face The Day guest! Thanks Johnny!!!!!!

Sarah says:
Please welcome Johnny I to Face The Day! Johnny is a super special guest because about 3 years ago - even more I think - he asked me to start a blog for his RSS Feeds site. I did what he told me and Face The Day was born! That RSS feeds site doesn't exist anymore and is now a porn or call girl site I think - and we lost those first 4 months of the original blog - BUT - Johnny got me started and Heidi joined on fast after one weekend - actually Sinksenfeesten weekend in Kortrijk almost exactly 4 years ago I think - and FACE THE DAY has existed in some shape or form since then!!!! Seeing Johnny today reminded me that I have a CD-R somewhere with the original first 4 months of our blog before the RSS Feeds site got hacked! I have to find that disc and get some of those photos on here. That would mean 4 years of First Of The Month Flashbacks! Yippy! So once again - Thanks Johnny for hooking us up with Face The Day!
I forgot to put a Post Secret pick of the week so below you can see it now a little late. I just like the idea of that one - of someone out there with the dream of being the first female or black president. All of that might change soon as there could be either in office! I hope it will be the female! Whatever happens, I hope in the end that they are both on the ticket!

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