Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday 9 May 2008: The nicest weekend of the year!

Heidi says: truly, this upcoming weekend is usually the nicest of the whole year in Kortrijk: SINKSENFEESTEN!!!! It's a weekend full of concerts, parties (rock'n'roll parties!!!!!), performances of all kinds and of running around in town. Oh and there is a two day flea market! Can't wait for it to start! I am also DJ'ing together with Mr Nice this Sunday! Come pay us a visit but bring your earplugs: we wanna go wild and loud! I think it's around 10 at night at SINXEN VLAS VEGAS, at the back of the Kortrijk train station. Unfortunately all our friends won't be there: one has a dad and brother visiting from a far country, one has to attend a country gig (jeps, poor her!) and one has to Dj at a catholic 'communie'-party! Yikes! The place will be empty...

Oh, something completely different now. I have been messing with my hair... I wanted a small change, so I decided to lighten it up a bit at the front. I did that with the horrible chemical product 'christal soleil' which is meant to give you the glow of having spent hours in the sun. I used it a bit too much, and combined with swimming and the chlorine in the water, it started to be too light. Then I decided I had to go darker again, so I bought nougat brown natural hairpaint form the brand Logona, and put that on my hair two days ago. Result: hardly any, except that the light parts seemed even lighter... hmmm. Had to do something. Went back to the store to get another pack of Logona natural hairpaint: dark brown (umbra) this time. I put this stuff (looked like, well, you know... brown powder mixed with water looks like...) on my hair yesterday evening. And the result you see in the picture above! It's red! haha! RED! I wanted dark brown hair! That's what you get when you mess with your hair, kids! :) But it's ok. Almost any color suits me, so voila! me happy, world happy! Too bad about the dark brown though...

Heidi says: it doesn't look so red inside though... :)

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