Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday 25 May 2008: De flaptest! And Sarah looks exactly the same as yesterday...

Sarah says:
Same face as ever! Uninspired. Had a great Saturday evening though - lots of fun with fun friends. Very late. I am not used to staying up so late anymore. I feel it today! I am so tired! I feel busy. And I just want to sleep for a week. Only news is that my kid camped out for the first time! Our guinea pig is very, very pregnant for sure and due mid-June, which sucks, but we can't do anything about it! And we are about to connect our house to our garage and make some other small changes such as painting our ground floor inside and re-doing the floor! This is exciting and this is what is making me feel busy.

Heidi says:
De flaptest geschiedde andermaal ten huize Haemers-Garrein. De aanwezige flaptestpanelleden proefden de flappen van bakkerij K te K. De appelflappen kregen als punten 6,75/10 toegewezen. Niet slecht, niet goed. Gewoon.
Op Overleie was het weer groot feest. De beste dansgroep trad op. De beste beenhouwerij verkocht worsten aan de beste spotprijzen. Het was de beste rommelmarkt ooit! Volgende week nog beter! Waar gaat dat naartoe???

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