Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday 26 May 2008: New haircolour, new music, new life

Heidi says:
I have a new haircolour! Finally it's good again!
And I am starting a new stage in my life and on this blog: playing songs to bike to work! This morning: Sing sing sing from the Swingkids soundtrack. My favourite song to dance to! And also that of my friends Katrijn and Wout. We go crazy on that song! And I can now say that that is exactly what happens on the bike too! You go faster and wilder when you listen to that song! Woohoo for music!!!

Something you don't know about me, but that I have to get off my chest. I can be a real catty woman. Not meant in a good way. I can be so pissed by things like a dirty house or piles of laundry that I don't get through, so that I start to nag and go a little crazy in the head. Sometimes I see all that work in the house, and I don't find the strenghth to start doing it, because I don't know where to begin, and then I block and my humor disappears and a very bad mood takes my humor's place. You'd better not ring my doorbell at such a moment. That is another face of mine, that a lot of you people have never seen. I hope you never have to see it :). Anyway, I can't say that I can just stop being that way. I could try. But i am not good in being calm all the time. I am a stressy animal. So from now on, I call these moments my catwomanmoments. They need a name, so they get a place.
I have more catwomanmoments. I might tell you about them in later posts. You'll get to know me. Bit by bit.

Sarah says:
New fan...

And new Post Secret. None caught my attention this week even though there were three for a girl named Sarah - so I went with the funny one because I think we can all agree that Carpenter's crack is very, very amusing!

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Aai luv rok en rol
steek 5 freng inn juke-box beebie!