Monday, April 14, 2008


Sarah says:
Happy Birthday Cheryl and Wout!
I'm glad my husband will be back from Sarajevo tomorrow! I miss him. I truly do! Who would have thought! Today I felt much better than I did yesterday. I don't know what got into me. I was so down! I don't feel that way at all today. It's strange how mood swings can happen. A very important happening and news item from my day is that tonight, my kid and I began the last season of Little House On The Prairie and though it looks doomed to be horrible, I was so happy to see the one-and-only Shannen Doherty! If you know me then you know I LOVE SHANNEN DOHERTY! Always have and always will and will always want her to play me in a movie. Not that I even want a movie about me. I just want her to have a reason to play me. She's wicked - in more ways than one! So for her alone I will watch the last season of Little House happily. The last episode of the 8th season totally turned me off. Charles got all miracle and god-obsessed and it was just way over the top and all of a sudden too religious. I have no problem with morals and even with the churchy stuff. I even like that about the series. But it goes too far when you have little Jason Bateman in a coma and then some god-like guy who looks like a white version of the Asian guy from Karate Kid being some vision of God who helps this boy come out of his coma. The only redeeming thing about that episode was seeing Charles with a beard for once. I have to say he looked like my father looked with a beard. Maybe that's way I like Pa so much! But I also love Ma! I will miss Ma and Pa as they aren't in season 9! A little book came with season 9 and it has made me want to watch Highway to Heaven and Father Murphy next - but that would really be going too far! I need a new series to watch with my kid! Seventh Heaven is a possibility but again - way too over-the-top churchy for me. All suggestions welcome. Must be age-appropriate for a 9/10 year old though!

Heidi says: een dikke vette super maffe leuke mottige fantastische vorte kaka pipi mufti beestige rotte gezellige verjaardag gewenst, Woutje!!!!!!! ti ti ti ti titi ti ti ti ti titi titititititi

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