Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday 12 2008: Sarah has a pounding head and wants nothing more than a good night's sleep for once!!!!!

Sarah says:
I have a pounding headache. I want my head to blow up and start over all clear.

Tomorrow Heidi and I are off to France for two days on a road-trip with two colleagues. It will be good to see them and do what we're going to do! It's always nice to find yourself in a complete other environment - in the middle of nowhere you have been before...

My friend MS has started a creative writing group. She's the coolest because she's sending me her homework assignments to do along with her. Our friend ED is also involved. I did the first assignment last night and sent it to the gals this morning. I can't wait to read their writing. I can't wait to write some more! It's been so long since I have written creatively and with assignments. I'm very excited by it all! I hope I keep it up. MS is the BEST for letting me play along! THANKS MS!!!! Tomorrow on the train, I'll work on the newest exercises!

Heidi and I probably won't post on here until Saturday so goodbye until then!

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