Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday 11 March 2008: Heidi lacks energy and it's still WINDY as can be! Seriously BAD HAIR DAYS!

Heidi says: I am scared. Because I am tired. So tired. Physically and psychologically. Very tired. Lacking energy. Hands that swell up, like they are filling up with water. Belly ache that keeps on going. Anger that keeps on hanging in my head. Back ache. No strength. What's happening with me? Why am I like this?

Just drank coffee, feeling better. But now I am even more scared for my belly ache, as coffee really has an influence on that...

Afternoon: I had lunch, and now I have a headache and feeling very tired. Very weird if you know that I went to bed at quarter to ten yesterday... heavy heavy head. Glands swelling up in my neck.

Sarah says:
I feel for you Heidi! As we have talked about so many times -I felt like crap for about 3 years after I gave birth. A lot of it was my back, no doubt - but plenty of it was just other stuff and being like open to every cold, flue, bug out there and always feeling forever tired and feeling way too needed with little space for myself... But alas - we all have our own experiences. Too bad you don't feel so well. You did have a week or two of feeling full of energy and awake and all that. It will come in waves I guess. Hope you feel better soon. It's hard seeing you feel unwell. If only there was a magic pill for everything! There is SUNLIGHT to look forward to!

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