Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday 29 March 2008: Sarah is on the mend with no fever but a wicked cough and paler skin than Heidi's for dang sure! Heidi says yes, always yes..

Heidi says: ... but Heidi is healthy! That is why Sarah is paler than Heidi! Schönes Wetter Heute! Ich gehe spazieren mit meiner Mutti! Hali halo guten Tag besten Bob!

Sarah says:
I'm paler than you Heidi. I win. Just look. There's no denying it.

By the way - the banana an hour before bed trick seems to be working. Two nights in a row of falling asleep fast. Or it's the exhaustion and last night it must have been the codeine but the banana might have helped as well! After all these years, all I needed was a banana in my bed! Who would have known!

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