Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday 28 March 2008: Sarah's foaming at the mouth now that's it's Friday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH'S OLD FRIEND CD IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!

Sarah says:
It's Friday! Time to collapse. My flu symptoms are happily gone! No more aches and pains! But my cough is annoying as a mofo and getting all the worse! After a good work day, I went to the library with the hopes of getting The Wire season 4 but it's out for another week for sure! So I'll hopefully get it next weekend! Instead I picked up Grease and My Best Friend's Wedding to watch with my kid and Street Car Named Desire and Paris Texas to watch with my husband - along with Coming Home!!!! - which my brother sent me ages ago and which finally we'll have time to watch! After the library, my daughter and I went to take out some Chinese Food - which we rarely d. And now we will veg out until Sunday night basically. Other then having to go food shopping and clean the pig cage tomorrow, we have 0 plans. We will lock ourselves away this weekend! I need to catch up on sleep and get over this cold. My husband's back is hurting badly so he needs some rest and relaxation. Our kid will be happy to have our undivided attention.

Viva The Weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!


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