Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday 07 February 2008: Who is that masked Marv with Sarah and who is that child next to Heidi?

Sarah says:
That's Marv hiding behind that mask! He's hiding because he doesn't want my husband to know we went on a big date tonight and I took him home with me! First we had an okay dinner at the Vagant Eethuis in Kortrijk with a Flair Magazine coupon. Then we went to the movie theater not knowing if we'd see No Country For Old Men or Juno. We arrived too late for No Country and just on time for Juno so you can gues which one we chose. It was perfect really! A pretty little movie - light - but somewhat thought-provoking. And the character and looks of the Michael Cera guy kept bringing my two little brothers to mind - especially Erik. I remember thinking the same when I saw him in SuperBad. It made me miss my little brothers and hope they are such nice guys!
My kid is away at Oma's so Marv and I decided to sneak out for a change. When the kitten is away, the cats play I guess... Fun, fun, fun! But now it's bedtime because I have a long day ahead of me Friday. I think it will be a good one! I hope so. It should be an interesting morning and at night we'll play some games with our game-playing buddies! That's always a good time.
Life is good right now over in my world. Enthusiasm abounds! Hope it last!

Heidi says: Moh! en t'es Yma! Hotterdomme! K'o da nu nie gepeis! Moe d'at nu ne kjé overlet'n, è Stofski? Yma zeg in min oore: 'up es te letter'. Z'è gelik! Me zeggen widder da ook oltid! è, Sène, Wout, en Nico?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been saying forever that Michael Cera looks like Erik! And Noah said he didn't. Well, I'm just happy that we all agree now. :-)

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...


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Anonymous said...

I love it!
Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Heidi: AD is indeed dope fly and funky fresh. Will you please get Sarah hooked on it?

Sarah: Why did you pull my first comment? Is it because of my crafty use of three initials?

Anonymous said...

You go, Haydee!