Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday 08 February 2008: Sarah is happy! And check out special guest Oscar Charles Dionisio Smith with Sarah's good buddy E-Rocker mom!

Sarah says:
Oh Happy Day! Once again a goody of a day! All is well in my brain and world. I feel like a fat smiley-face! And it's the weekend, which is always good! Tonight is game-night! Great fun no doubt with silly bunch of crazy people. Tomorrow - no plans, which means take it easy with the family! Sunday I will actually have three whole hours to myself as my kid will be at her youth club and Marv will be at work! It's very rare to have the house all to myself. I think I will blast music and sing and dance along! It's been so long since I have sung! Can you imagine! I mean once the bands stopped, I stopped. I have to go on. My voice will get so shabby. By the end of this year, I have to find a new band to sing in! I simply must. I don't want to give up that hobby. Time to get my voice back in good order. Have a good one everyone!
Check out my pal of pals Erika Dioniso with her cute kid Oscar Dioniso Smith. They both look awfully happy. It great to see this family taking shape. I can't wait to have them over in Belgium in July! It will be such a treat. What I long for more than anything else is TIME with my old friends from New York. When I went to New York in October and actually had at least a day with a few of my best mates - man did that fill me up right! There is absolutely nothing better then a good friend and a real laugh other than a real laugh with a good friend. I wish I could fly to New York right now to be honest. Have like a few days with a few people all to myself. Hang out with no rush and no plan. That would be fabulous. But life over here is good too. i can't complain at all!

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