Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday 24 Frebruary 2008: Sarah is still smiling after a simple weekend with not a lot to report and Heidi comes back from Antwerp with!!

Heidi says: this is Sabine, my friend from Antwerp. Looking good, being pregnant already 34 weeks... It was very cosy to walk around with her and to talk and eat.

Sarah says:
I'm still smiling! Not sure why. It was a very quiet weekend but I did get to spend a lovely day with my mother-in-law yesterday so that was good! For the rest, not much to report. You'd think that with the kid away - Marv and I would have taken advantage and gone out to the movies or wherever - but nope- we were more disconnected this weekend than ever - we dove into the start of spring cleaning! Glad we got some stuff clean but too bad we didn't have more fun! And it was sunny today but we were all holed up cleaning the kids room from top to bottom. Oh well - last week was so cozy every evening so I guess one so-so weekend together is still okay! It just wasn't the kind of weekend that prepares you for the busy week ahead, if you know what I mean...
Below you can see my Post Secret pick-of-the-week! I chose this one about fear because I too have that fear of falling down steps and it has gotten worse with my contact lenses! I just always feel like I'll slip or lose my balance. I'm not afraid of a lot but I am constantly afraid of falling - especially since I got my back operation...

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