Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday 23 February 2008: Want to get a giggle? Watch this video of Oscar Dioniso Smith! Heidi comes back from COTTON CANDY CLUB with lots of photos!

Sarah says:
Why am I smiling so much above? Because of the video below! You should really watch it if you can! It's so fun! My friend Erika Dioniso's baby Oscar is the star of the little film with his dad Neil Smith (and Erika is the director, filmer, etcetera ;-)!
Oscar's laugh is contagious so only watch if you want to have a giggle yourself!

where did the video go????

Heidi says: cudle before leaving...

Heidi says: my best friend Katrijn is a star!!! She is the greatest dancer!

Heidi says: frietjes at three!

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