Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday 23 January 2008: Rest In Peace St Thomas

Heidi Says: This world hurts sometimes. Last week we discovered that Saint Thomas, the Norvegian singer-songwriter is no more. He died around the 11th of September 2007, in his apartment. It’s only now that the information has arrived my brain. How sad.
I only saw Saint Thomas play live once. He was playing as the support act for Madrugada in the Cactus in Bruges. His wallet and other personal stuff had been stolen and he was not happy that night. He had just found out about that and so he was telling the public. Some assholes were yelling nasty things at him, saying he shouldn’t complain. Thomas decided he didn’t have to listen to that so he went off stage, and that was the concert of Saint-Thomas. We got to hear one song. Since then, Nico and me started to collect all his albums. The one we know best is ‘I’m coming home’. I am listening to it right now and my heart breaks. I feel sad and I could cry. We sang along so many times with this album, Nico and me. We still can. But St Thomas is gone. And we miss him.

This is the text that was put on the album ‘I’m coming home’:
“St. Thomas is 25 years old. He was born in Oslo. His heart gets warm if you appreciate his music. Please take care of him.”

Dear St Thomas...

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