Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday 22 January 2008: Heidi looks back and Sarah shares hair-removal stories and her kids brain with you!

Heidi says: I need light...

Sarah says:
Just back from hair removal. More on that later... Below you can see my kid inside and out! Amazing! More on that later too.. -- Okay - I'm back Jack! Just to give you a small report on the hair-removal - well, it's going so well that we may have to skip the next session face-wise - so that is fabulous news! The upper-lip hair looks gone-daddy-gone today though I wasn't so sure after the last session. But the rest of the hair - I don't even have to be busy with it at all except for the week before the hair-removal session when it starts coming in again and the 8 days after when it starts being ready to fall out but can't quite jump ship yet. This has been 100% worth the money and the effort! Seriously - I used to be busy with this at least two times a day - morning and night. Now it's down to a few days here and there. As for the bikini - early days yet! My next session for bikini hair is the 4th of March. I will say that since the first session 6 weeks ago, the hair has stayed away basically, which is great. I suspect it will start coming in again the week before the next session. But again - that means I get about 10 or 11 weeks during which I don't have to be busy with it all! Fantastic! By the way - for the few of you out there who are following my hair-removal story because you are interested in it because of your own hair troubles, via this link you may be able to find a specialist in your area. I think via this link, you can fill in a form with your town/city and they will let you know the closest place to get this done. There are so many different procedures. I recommend this one because so far, it has really worked for me - but who knows if it will be long-lasting and all that! I'll keep you posted!

As for the photos below of my kids inner-head - well, she's had a cough for months and we have been worried. After this treatment and that - we finally had some x-rays done of her sinuses and lungs. She got the all-clear thankfully! I am so relieved! When she was born - because she had 5 birthmarks - red ones - raised ones - the doctor told us we'd always have to watch out for such tumors growing inside her body. Such tumors wouldn't be cancerous but could cause blockage and if so, would have to be removed. The doctor said they could show up in any organ from the brain to the lungs to the intestines. So whenever there's something off with my kid, I wonder and I worry a little, though I hardly share these fears with anyone. But she's fine it seems so that's great! And I just love having such x-rays of her? Look at her head and neck and teeth! It's funny! She was quite pleased herself saying: "I'm as pretty on the inside too". She's got a real good sense of self. I hope that lasts. She's such a good sport that Lool!

Heidi says: Waw. Picture above is a year ago... Man o man, have we changed? See Yma on last Sunday right below...

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