Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 31 January 2008: Sarah is happy to be home sweet home with her kid after 5 days away...

Sarah says:
Great day at the office with Heidi - good to see her again - but yes, we forgot a photo together again. And now at home with the greatest love of my life - my kid -whom I want to smush because I have missed her so that little munchkin. Home sweet home! Can't wait to see my husband too of course! Being away can be really fun and nice but there's nothing like being home. You know what time it is now? You guessed it! Time for Little House on the Prairie! I have been waiting for this moment... Just look at that little angel! Man do I LOVE that girl!

And since I wasn't here on Sunday I'll include my favorite Post Secret entry of the week which I'm seriously wondering if my husband maybe sent in! Haha! By the way, I would have rather put the two post cards on Post Secret this week about porn but didn't want to be so controversial. Let me just tell you that the prudent American girl in me was very, very shocked to see the kind of full-fledged porno they show on regular French TV channels at night. They show it all! Everything! Shocking!!!! Truly! Not very good-looking actors though and it leaves nothing to the imagination at all. It'sa little bit too explicit for my tastes.

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