Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday 18 January 2007: Welcome special guest baby Louise to Face The Day and Happy Birthday Dirk!!!

Sarah says:
My and Heidi's former colleague KDW and his wife had a baby girl Louise on the 16th of January! Heidi and I visited them in the hospital tonight. It is so freaking great to see KDW as a dad! I sometimes wish I had a dad like KDW! I am sure KDW will be a fabulous father. And his wife will be an amazing mother. They look like a good little family already. It's so terribly sweet. Louise is just a wee little thing. She's really beautiful. Congrats to KDW and ALD! Good job! Well done!
By the way - don't Heidi and I look awfully tired. That's normal! It's Friday! It's been a long, hard but great week. Long, busy days. Intense sometimes. But we are riding on a happy cloud right now... Happy weekend!

There's Louise up a above - half awake and half asleep...

And there above you can see the happy parents with their girl Louise.

I love that name! Great, strong name. Can't wait to see how Louise grows up.

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