Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday 11 December 2007: Heidi and Sarah are getting ready for the holiday season and decorate their first tree together!

Sarah says:
Heidi and I are like a weird little family by day! Our kids are our three little Christmas trees. We dressed them all up today in their best disco balls, shiny birds and white leaves! Now it's time to put the kids to sleep and go into our evening worlds...

Heidi says:
I am a nostalgic animal! I exist out of nostalgia sometimes. Last week it was Sinterklaas and it made me think of my childhood, and how cosy it was to wait in front of the door on the morning of the 6th of December, until everyone was ready to go inside and be overwhelmed by all the candy and toys on the table, brought by Sinterklaas, the holy man!! I pass the playground of a school every morning, by bike, and last week, on the 6th of December, I heard Sinterklaas music through the speakers, and it made me all happy and have a longing to go back to my childhood. Now that Sinterklaas has passed, it's time for Christmas. That time is even making me more soft... I start to dream about the perfect Christmas party, with all the people you care about at one table, eating nice food, being sweet for each other, singing together... There have been years that my longing for the past (when I was still home with my parents and sister and brother) was almost unbearable. It hurt just to think about it, because I had the feeling that it was so so cosy back then! I am sure that, in a couple of years, I will think of this period as being so cosy, and I will wanna go back to today. That's me, an nostalgic animal...

NEWSFLASH BY SARAH:!!!!!! I did it tonight! It was hair-removal evening - every six weeks on Tuesday evening! Tonight I let her zap my bikini line for the first time as the base price stays about the same and you just pay for the extra zaps! It's freaking expensive to tell you the truth - but if it means never messing with my bikini line again eventually, it will be worth it -- I hope! I also, and this is bigger news, allowed my moustache area to be zapped! I have avoided that for years and years. Every beautician I have ever gone to has tried to get me to let them wax my moustache area because I have dark hair and you see it there. I have always said no way! I could live with it and I was more afraid of the absence of it being there and all pale and obvious than the hair being there -- but this lady persuaded me - just 4 more zaps, which means 4 more Euros each time and all those little moustache hairs will be gone within a year! I couldn't say no! She convinced me! I was shaking inside! Afraid I'd have burn marks or spots or black little hairs rather than long ones. I'm still afraid! I mean those little hairs will grow back in cycles for a year! I wonder if you'll all notice them - the little stubble, more than you notice my moustache!

As for my bikini - we'll see how that goes! I will tell you that part hurt a lot - well as much as waxing and sugaring does but cleaner and less actually. Faster. Just weird! Zap, burn! Zap, burn! Ten times each side every 12 weeks. For the facial hair part - that's every 6 weeks. I hope this all pays off. What we do to look and feel good! Amazing!

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