Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday 10 December 2007: Heidi and Sarah HATE square cards and apologise to anyone who had to pay 52 cents for their letter! We owe you!

Sarah says:
Whoops! We're sorry! We owe those of you who are our victims Euro 0.52 each! BAHUMBUG!

Next to that, it was a right good day! Tonight I am home alone with the kid asleep and I have the TV blasting some fashion show and I'm going to head to bed and read magazines or make some phonecalls and I'm not going to the dishes. And I'm not going to do the laundry! And I'm not going to put away clothes. And I'm not going to tidy things up! I'm going to be a lazy fool and do nothing other than relax and do my own thing!

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