Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday 06 December 2006: Sarah can identify with The Onion article about a Wednesday feeling like a Thursday!

Sarah says:
It's Wednesday but it really feels like Thursday! I can't explain why. Just trust me on this! I also can't imagine that Christmas is almost here! My last day of work until March today! Imagine that. How very strange!!! I still feel happy and hopeful so that's a good thing. My mom arrives first thing Thursday morning. I have a haircut lined up for tomorrow and Heidi and I might go to the HEMA together finally!!! Friday I have a waxing and a pedicure. Monday I have an eyebrow job. Friday night there's also a concert to see and Saturday there's a lunch to celebrate my mom's and mom-in-law's birthdays and some games at night. Sunday It's time for my kid to get some attention from me. Tuesday it's maybe shopping with Heidi and my mom! Wednesday it's off to the hospital - in one week! So I have some good distractions lined up to keep me feeling light! The "spoof" newspaper The Onion is always a good distraction and is more truthful than the truth, Ruth!

Here's the link to The Onion and here's the link to the below article.
Report: Recent Wednesday Felt Like Thursday
December 6, 2006 | Issue 42•49
NEW YORK—An informal study of U.S. citizens has revealed that a recent Wednesday, specifically November 30, was intuitively and subliminally perceived to be a Thursday by office workers, retail personnel, and any others who had occasion to give thought to the day of the week. "I don't know why, but it was a total Thursday kind of day," said Sue Seversen, an assistant program coordinator at Minnesota General Services who theorized that the change from daylight-saving time or the recent drop in temperature could be to blame. "All day I kept thinking that at least tomorrow would be Friday. But then I'd realize it wasn't. Too bad." Over 90 percent of those misperceiving the day also professed some degree of disbelief that Christmas was almost here.

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