Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday 10 December 2006: Heidi, Sarah and face The Day guests Annabel, Adeliene and Yma wish you a happy Sunday!

Sarah says:
This morning we babysat Annabel's daughter and as she was being picked up, Heidi stopped by with Yma. It's so nice to see all these girls together! I can't wait to meet my friend from New York, ED's baby next year. It's due in April! It's going to be a boy! It's so exciting!!!!
It's a beautiful sunny day here in Belgium. I'm going to spend the rest of the day preparing for a course I'll give tomorrow on American politics. After the course tomorrow, I'll start getting my house ready for my "living" in the living room for the next couple of months. On Tuesday other than seeing Heidi and finishing up a translation/editing assignment, I have no plans so I'll just chill! And Wednesday they bring the hospital bed, table and crutches over in the day and I head to the hospital at night.
Last night was fun. We played some games with some people we know and met some new people. I hope while I'm healing I can still play such games. I love it! The night before we saw two concerts: ansatz der maschine and Transit. I can't say that either group is really my sort of thing but I can say they do what they do well. The whole post rock thing just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid, though I do love some elements of it like the repetition and guitar-heaviness and the trance-like stuff. If you let yourself go you can get into it. I just have trouble letting myself go like that because it doesn't hit me on any deep level. It gets me a bit sleepy, which is good before bed but strange at a gig. Ansatz is more artsy - theatrics - clicks and clacks and stuff like that. I like it. I do. But again, it's glosses over me and doesn't really get in. Great for a film - in fact there was a good choppy film playing in the background and that works - though it made me feel jumpy sometimes - the music fits well with films. Seeing it live - hmm - I don't know. I really liked Ansatz live at the 01/10 Vlas Vegas thing in Kortrijk. It was dark outside. A little rainy. The music really worked for me in that setting. Sitting in a theater didn't work as well for me. But then again, it's a hard band to place somewhere. You'll love it or not love it I guess but it will capture your curiosity for sure. I'm still not sure if I like it or not but I need to listen to the new CD The Postman Is a Girl more and see how it makes me feel after a few times. I liked watching Mathijs Bertel, the main guy in Ansatz, working away on his equipment like a mad scientist mixing chemicals. He looked like a nutcase - in a good way - that kept my attention. It was also good to see Greyn's old keyboard player Jan Dhaene playing again. He's good-busy. As for Transit, my husband liked it a lot because of the flange-like stuff going on. It brought up The Cure for him. I liked the Sophia-like quality sometimes. I liked watching the white-guitar player's arm manically moving about. Anyway, check out both bands on My Space and see what you think - doesn't matter what I think - taste is taste and all that!
One more thing - after seeing these two bands - well, while sitting there watching really - I got very excited for the prospects of being in a dirty rock band. As I said, all this post rock stuff just doesn't grab me at all to be honest. The reaction to it is going to be heavier stuff I think. Maybe I'll ride on the next wave of music out there and be a singer in a real rock band - even punk, whatever - just something a little heavy, dirty, easy and underground. I think I'll let myself go into that a bit. I think it's the answer to all the post rock out there! But what do I know. Whatever comes next also won't last long and the genres will turn and turn as they tend to do. Anyway, these concerts did inspire me to throw myself into whatever the next band is! I can't wait!

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